About us

About us

Sugar Daddy is a consumer brand that brings the world’s best quality fragrances to the most influential & high net worth individuals around the world . The quality of a fragrance says a lot about the personality of the wearer. Our fragrances are long lasting & can be worn by men & women of all ages . The Unisex & appealing image of our fragrances has been in vogue since 1930’s in US & Europe .

Why Sugar Daddy

The distinct nature of our aromas  , designer perfume notes & a feeling of instant rich yet sweet smell of our fragrances have been widely known to increase the attraction & add to the personality . Sugardaddians love our fragrance & almost 98% people would order from us again after buying for the first time. A high repeat order value makes us one of the most trusted brands in fragrance market space globally

The Team

Building to Last